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Sanity is overrated

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Sarah, 28, Historian, Actress, Reader, Fangirl, Movie Lover, Sarcastic, Melancholy

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accents, acting, alan rickman, alias, angelina jolie, anglophiles, anthony stewart head, antique clothing, antique jewelry, arrested development, bones, books, braveheart, bridget jones, buffy, cancelled tv shows, carnivale, cate blanchett, cats, chuck, cinema, clancy brown, corsets, costume dramas, csi, dancing, david wenham, deadwood, dialects, donnie darko, drama, drawing, dvds, eddie izzard, elijah wood, england, english history, eowyn/faramir, fairies, fairytales, fantasy, farscape, film, film history, film music, film scores, firefly, fleetwood mac, freaks & geeks, friday night lights, gene kelly, gerard butler, gilmore girls, harry potter, hedwig, heroes, historic novels, history, horatio hornblower, house m.d., icon making, ireland, james dean, james franco, jane austen, jane eyre, jennifer connelly, jensen ackles, jeremy northam, john william waterhouse, josh holloway, joss whedon, julianne moore, kiera knightly, labyrinth, legend, lestat, little women, lj icons, london, lord of the rings, lost, lotr, madonna, magic, making icons, medieval history, middle ages, moulin rouge, movie music, movie scores, movies, musicals, mythology, nathan fillion, neil gaiman, neverending story, neverwhere, nicole kidman, ntm, painting, paul mcgann, photography, photoshop, portrait of a lady, pre-raphaelite, pride and prejudice, pushing daisies, reading, reaper, red hair, riggins, sandman, sarcasm, scotland, screencaps, scrubs, sense and sensibility, severus snape, sewing, shirtless!sawyer, singing, snape, soundtracks, spy!daddy, supernatural, swords, television, terry pratchett, theatre, theoffice, tori amos, traveling, tudor period, u2, ugly betty, united kingdom, vampires, veronica mars, victor garber, victorian period, wes anderson, withnail and i, wonderfalls