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I've been rereading my journal a bit and it's crazy how you can be away from a place for so long and instantly remember what you were thinking when you wrote something. I think I just lost the spark of writing and fandom and even having the time to something creative. I've missed talking with everyone though. I have thought about starting a blog though to get those things back.

I have started to teach myself how to knit and I bought a new camera to get into photography a bit. I just need to be creative and expressive again.

I'm also going to an open casting for extras for the new OZ film this weekend. It would be fun if I get cast, I think.
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oh what ever

I know I keep saying that I'm going to try and be on LJ more often and start working in Photoshop again and all that but real life is just so irritating right now that I don't have the energy. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get my own computer here in the next month or so and then maybe I'll be better about it.
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HP trailer

So it would be Harry Potter that would get me to want to be on LJ again and opening Photoshop to make new things. It was the thing that got me involved with Livejournal in the first place and it brings back so many great memories. The trailer has me so excited and yet so sad. Can't wait.
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I miss the days when life consisted of a mindless job and being involved in fandom stuff online. Life is just way to complicated now.

I have to get cracking on my Grad School application. I need to try and get in the summer session but if not than I hope I get accepted into the fall. Of course I have to get accepted at all, then the whole applying for financial aid bit.

Went and saw Shutter Island the other day. Really liked it. Very old school vibe to it and very beautiful in an atmospheric way. I did figure out the twist about half way through and I'm not the type of person who usually does figure these things out, so I was proud of my detective skills on that one.
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Quiet round these parts

Everything is still about the same here in my life. I go the visit the parents in Gulf Shores in one more week. So very excited. I get to spend an entire week doing nothing and being in the nice weather instead of the yucky snow. I really need a mental break, I've had way to many things on my mind lately and I'm sick of worrying and dwelling and all that.
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99% sure I'm going to be applying to get my Masters in Museum Studies. Scary to be thinking of going back to school after all these years but I need to be doing something better with my life. I guess I'll worry about everything if I get in. :)
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This old computer is too slow

Time for catch up.

My Grandma passed away a few weeks ago, so I was away from a computer for almost a week. It was a long and tough few days but she was ill and couldn't remember any of us so for her sake it was really a blessing.

The new term at the college I work at has started so the bookstore has been really busy and then I just don't feel like posting on the computer so that's what I've been doing the past week or so. I seriously wonder how some people get into college. You're not in high school any more it's time to be self sufficient. I am here to help if you are having a hard time not to get your books and supplies for you without you even trying to find them. Also, if I tell you need something to check out or to leave your backpack in the cubbies by the door, don't argue with me, do it. I know the rules in the store and I'm not going to change them for you.

I'm like way out of fandom stuff so I don't even know what to write about as far as tv and stuff. Still working my way through Criminal Minds and have joined in the massive love of Matthew Gray Gubler. I have a little bit of Season 3 left and then 4 and what has aired of 5. I'll try and get back into taking about entertainment things again soon.
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Real life

I swear I haven't gone back on my promise to be involved in LJ more but my Grandma is ill and they think she only has a few more days to live so I haven't been in the most chatty mood the past few days. I'll keep you updated.

On one happier note, I finally watched the first season of Criminal Minds and love it. My mom is right once again about what I should watch. :)
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Hope to be back for good

So it's the new year and I realized that I have deeply neglected my LJ and my friends here as well. I think I just lost interest in most things internet the past few months but I want to renew that interest and come back to you all. I'm going to do my best to post and comment like I used to.

With that said, just finished watching Doctor Who: The End of Time and boy did I cry like a baby. Don't want to write much because honestly I can't put into words but sometimes I wish I didn't attach myself to fictional characters the way I do. I suppose it means someone is doing their job out there in entertainment land.

I got the Farscape: Complete Series set for christmas and got the boyfriend finally watching. So we are still in the middle of Season 1 and I'm in addiction mode again. I love not watching something for a year or so and then getting someone else watching it because it feels so new again. Such a great series.

Once again, I plan on being around more and getting in touch with you all again. Missed my LJ peeps.
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Music and pretty boys

Seriously in love the the Dead Man's Bones album. This is Ryan Gosling's band and the music is spooky and beautiful and haunting and old fashioned. It's quite unique and they have a childrens choir throughout most of it and harpsicords and other fun old timey instruments. :) Check it out if you haven't already.